At home grocery delivery? Count me in—sometimes.

To woo its customers into trying their home delivery grocery service, my big shopping store of choice, Woodmans, has been offering free first-time delivery. Being curious about how this worked (and lazy and cheap!) I decided to give it a try.

The verdict: Not bad at all.

I placed my order on Wednesday using their online service, added to it twice (you can do that until 12 hours before your delivery) and waited for G Day (Grocery- Delivery), which was this morning. The driver was right on time, he was incredibly pleasant and brought my groceries up my 13 steps (yes, I count them every time I am my grocery delivery person) and into my kitchen.

They got everything on my list—though not necessarily quite everything I would have picked. I didn’t get that much produce but they did a fine job selecting what I did order. And Woodman’s has a no-tipping policy so you don’t have to agonize about whether to tip and how much (Per bag? By amount total? Based on my 13 steps?)

The pros of course are saved time, gas and hassle. The cons: not getting to pick out exactly what you want, missing out on the chance to throw the 27 odd last-minute things you think of when you walk the aisles into your cart and not knowing what’s on the cover of the National Enquirer this week.

Online grocery ordering seems like a no-brainer, especially with the aging of our population but it has yet to really catch on in most places. According to research cited by the Business Insider, the biggest reason not to use the service is the desire to pick out your own food. I can relate to that.

Will I use at-home grocery delivery again? I’m much less inclined to do so in the summer but come next winter when it’s icy and cold? The idea of someone else schlepping groceries into my kitchen will be mighty appealing!

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