Democracy in action…Part 2

Earlier this year I shared my experience with the City of Madison and the process of adding a sidewalk to my front yard.

Well, it’s here. Although I’m not too excited about losing a lot of flowers and a good chunk of driveway parking—and am already whining about the shoveling that will soon commence, though, thank you Mother Nature for the recent amazingly nice weather—the sidewalks have proven to be a hit with the neighborhood.






There seem to be a lot more people walking themselves and their dogs and children down my street of late—though I’m not entirely sure if the traffic count has gone up or if I just notice it more because pedestrians are closer to my house, instead of on the other side of parked cars.

Overall, I think it’s been good change and—hey!—I even met new neighbors. Plus it gave me a chance to see how government works in my town, which proved to be a mostly positive experience, and to be part of something that was about more than me (even if there was, yes, some grumbling along the way).













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