“Mommy bloggers”—I love you!

Remember Erma Bombeck? She wrote a number of books (15 according to my good friend, Google) and was a newspaper columnist for more than 30 years. She occasionally tackled some big issues (if memory serves), but mostly focused on what life for a mom is really like—alternately frantic and overwhelming and the best job ever.

For whatever reason, I remember finding her quite hilarious. As a kid I likely should have been commiserating with her children, rather than the moms who made up her dedicated fanbase, but for some reason I was able to see the humor even at a young age.

I thought of Erma—who I’m sure would have been a mommy blogger if she were starting out today—when I recently stumbled on two of her literary progeny: Deva Dalporto (of My Life Suckers) and Leslie Blanchard (A Ginger Snapped). Deva has young children; Leslie is a grandma. Both are alternately hilarious and heartbreaking—and entirely dead on. And both answer their fan mail (how great is that? Thanks ladies!).


Check ’em out for yourself and enjoy! And, bonus—Deva even has videos to share!

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