One space or two?

When I learned how to “keyboard” (which is what we used to call “typing” when I was learning all about my friend QWERTY), you learned to put two spaces after a period. I don’t think I ever questioned it. I just did it.

Fast forward to the era of word processing and computers and all the rules changed and I learned that now we were supposed to only put one space. I reprogrammed my brain and adjusted to one space and, again, didn’t really question it just figured, “That’s how it is now.”

So, imagine my surprise when I recently learned that one space vs. two isn’t necessarily a given—and has actually created quite a lot of controversy. Who knew?

In an effort to answer the question once and for all, three psychology professors from Skidmore College have decided to employ science to address the two vs. one conundrum. 

You know you’re dying to know the answer. So click on through and find out








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