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Hey, have you discovered Caffeine Clarity yet?

By which, of course, I mean my other blog——rather than the clarity-inducing benefits of said substance (though do feel free to discover both!).

I have been having such a great time meeting people courtesy of the blog and a couple weeks ago I got to chat with Wisconsin author, Michael Perry

You might know Michael as the author of Population: 485 or Truck: A Love Story. And if you live in Madison you may have crossed paths with his Sunday Wisconsin State Journal column, Roughneck Grace.

It was very kind of Michael to take a break from his busy schedule to have coffee with me after a recent concert in Algoma. Not surprisingly, he was everything you’d think he’d be —down-to-earth, wry, thoughtful and smart. What fun!

Want to read more? Check it out at 

A big “thank you” to the fellow Michael Perry fans who asked to have their picture taken at Algoma’s Caffe Tlzao and are the reason this photo exists. (And sorry I can’t get a link to the shop to work—something appears to be wrong with their site). And another “thank you” to Michael’s incredibly responsive and competent manager, Alissa Freeburg, for helping me set this coffee up and linking us in one big, virtuous, social media circle at

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Caffeine Clarity is here!
Sunday, November 15, 2015

Caffeine Clarity is here!

My good friend, Patti, and I have long met for three-hour, coffee-fueled breakfasts during which we updated each other on our families and solved the world’s problems. Over time we came up with a phrase that described the moment when you’ve had just the right amount of caffeine to tackle anything from curing cancer to finding the lost sock: “caffeine clarity.”

I’ve long wanted to do something with that amazing phrase and this summer it came to me (after some of the aforementioned caffeine no doubt): “Start a blog.”

You can see the results for yourself at caffeineclarity and the first friends who have been brave enough to serve as my guinea pigs are there now (including Patti, of course!).

Want to have some caffeine and the attendant clarity with me? If you live in or near Madison, Wisconsin, I’d love to meet you and treat you to a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Just shoot me an email at and be prepared to share your thoughts and have them posted.


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