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Building a table with Ryan Gosling
Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Building a table with Ryan Gosling

Ok, I’m just kidding (and apologies if you were all excited about the possibility that RG and I had bonded over the wood glue). But the guy who recently sold me the wood to build a table did have a certain Gosling nonchalance so he’s become “Ryan” in my mind (actual name: Marty).

Marty was one of the very nice employees of Heritage Timber who kindly moved approximately three tons of lumber (and I’m not kidding) to help my husband and me find the perfect boards to build our daughter a table. I would have expected Marty and his co-worker Thomas to be put out by having to move wobbly towers of old barn remnants via forklift, but they were both friendly and cheerful and assured us this was just another day at the lumber yard for them. 

One of the many towering stacks that Marty kindly moved.

Thomas and Marty hard at work. 

A perfect day to polyurethane…again and again and again.


I felt a bit like Chip and Joanna Gaines as we repurposed old barns and embraced the chance to build something with our own two hands (though I must confess that “my own two hands” only wielded the debit card to buy the wood and the brush to apply the polyurethane).  Certainly beats an Ikea table and comes with a full set of memories to boot!


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