“Vicky takes in concepts and sends back excellent material. We keep hiring her, because she is expert at taking general instructions (and occasionally vague) and independently turning them into polished reports. She works well with our team, and works even better on her own to deliver—and usually more than we asked for.”

Ben Rogers, Research Director

Filene Research Institute

“Vicky’s great work makes me look smart for hiring her–who wouldn’t love that? She’s incisive, sharp, detail and deadline oriented, and gracious under pressure. She’s able to dive right into assignments and tackle them without needing weeks of research. I strongly recommend her whenever you need a true professional to tackle a writing assignment. She’s a pleasure to work with and her knowledge of technical writing and marketing for business clients ensures that her work product will meet your needs.”

Martha Grasty, Client Relations


“Vicky is an incredible partner for any project requiring expert business writing. Her insight and business understanding are the cornerstone of her approach – she becomes deeply involved in the client and industry issues so she can contribute to a high quality final product. Vicky is also wonderful to work with. She is professional and flexible, adapting her work and style to the team and client. I recommend Vicky over any business writer I’ve worked with before.”

Nicole Adams Kraus, Principal and Americas Practice Lead

Heidrick Consulting

“Vicky has been a great resource for us and just been an absolute joy to work with. As a pretty small boutique shop, we had needs for a writer and Vicky more than delivered on a regular basis. She would be an asset to anyone’s team and I can’t recommend her enough.” 

Cory Savage, President

Savage Solutions LLC

“Vicky is one of the best writers I’ve worked with. She provides a high quality product on time and is a joy to work with. Vicky is able to take complex financial subjects and turn them into readable prose.”

Jim Jerving, Editorial Director



“As a company, MGE is serious about its responsibility to provide energy for our area. Part of that responsibility involves keeping our customers informed about energy issues and our services to help them use energy more efficiently. Vicky writes news and educational stories that we use for both Web and print communication. Many of the stories are about our customers and she works directly with them from the beginning to the end of the project. We can count on her to take a writing project and build it into a story that people enjoy and learn from.”

Terry Manley, Communications Manager

Madison Gas and Electric

“I hired Vicky to do free-lance writing for us when I was VP of Marketing at Conney Safety Products. The challenge we presented her: create compelling editorial content for customer-facing newsletters that had objective value in speaking to key issues of the day based on insight from industry experts AND set-up key company competencies in our product and service offerings. I found her fearless in reaching out to these experts, landing interviews I never thought possible and creating impactful content that more than met our objectives. She did so with a smile on her face, great interactions with our internal staff and good value at invoicing time.”

Rich Harney, Vice President of Marketing

School Specialty, Inc.

“Vicky is an exceptional writer. She’s a quick learner and once briefed always produces incredible work. I’ve used her for a variety of clients across a broad range of categories and she always manages to find the appropriate voice in all of her writing. She is simply a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for any writing or editing assignment.”

Irving Chung, Principal

Commerce House

“I have worked with Vicky on multiple projects during the past few years. Vicky is extremely pleasant to work with, is very communicative regarding project scope and timelines, and has a keen eye for detail, which makes her an expert writer. She can transition seamlessly between various editorial projects, and is willing to collaborate to produce the best work possible.”

Beth Stetenfeld, Principal

Stetenfeld Associates LLC

“Working with Vicky has been an absolute pleasure – and relief! She was able to quickly jump into a challenging series of projects and became a great complement to the team. I knew that I could rely on her expertise, professionalism, creativity, and ‘way with words no matter the deadline, subject-matter or strategic objective. I would hire her again in an instant!”

Kelly Mlsna, Account Supervisor

Shine United

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Vicky Franchino

I love to learn about new things. And I love to tell a good story. Let’s get together and tell yours!

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“Vicky is one of the best writers I’ve worked with. She provides a high quality product on time and is a joy to work with. Vicky is able to take complex financial subjects and turn them into readable prose.”

Jim Jerving, Editorial Director

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