The hit remake of a song you didn’t know needed a remake

Where were you in the summer of 1983? I was an about-to-be college senior, enjoying one last  burst of freedom before heading into the stress of finding a job and figuring out what post-college life was all about. And, I just learned, 1983 was also the summer the band Toto had a big hit with the song Africa. I remember it as one of those ear worm songs that everyone knew but didn’t particularly like (though considering that it was a #1 hit for the band, I guess someone did).

I was a bit bemused to open this morning’s paper and see this song is currently enjoying a second life thanks to Weezer, a band that’s typically occupied a fringe position in popular music (and whose song, Feels like Summer, was a favorite around our house last year). But, surprise, surprise, their remake version is now #8 on the “adult Top 40 radio stations with a bigger audience” (which is quite a long and specific way to describe a station). Who knew?

Apparently the boys in Toto are just as bemused as I and confirm the song was  a bit of nonsense whose success took them all off guard. (And for more on Weezer’s embrace of all things Toto and the overall embrace of all things ’80s, check out this delightful article on Esquire).

Here’s a little something to kick your day off, whether it also creates a trip down memory lane or not. Enjoy.


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