This week’s sign that all is sort of right in the world

Has it been a scary week in the world of international news—or is the planet still largely spinning on its axis? You might rely on things like NPR, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal (or, more globally, the BBC) for your answer. I like to rely on People magazine.

Wait, wait, hear me out (and don’t judge that a subscription is actually delivered to my home each and every Thursday—I’m taking advantage of credit card airline miles and will fully confess that it makes a nice addition to my lunch!).

Because I actually do experience a little moment of “ahhh” when the cover story is the Royal Family. I mean, sure, there were plenty of things that went wrong this week (the impending hurricane, tariff worries, flooding are just a few), but if how Meghan is handling the pressures of royal life makes the cut for “biggish news,” things are sort of alright.

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