Virtual reality. Don’t try this at home kids.

A few weeks back friends were visiting and we all decided to give a virtual reality game a whirl. The game in question takes you to the top of a 100-story building where you walk out on a plank and “jump” to your doom.

The ” ” are the key there—as you’re not really supposed to jump.

Guess someone forgot. The result, sadly, was a set of lovely knee braces (which do not come in your choice of stylish color options).

Such a sporty look!

As I’ve been recuperating from my “exuberance” over the past few weeks, I’ve had time to ponder virtual reality. It is truly amazing to me that even though one part of my brain processed “you are wearing ridiculous goggles and standing on the floor,” another part said “jump at the end of this gangplank.” How did a cheapy VR tool, that wasn’t very realistic, trick my brain like that?

You can find some good insights here which I am considering at my leisure.

Virtual reality has lots of amazing uses—check out this article for an overview of everything from treating anxiety to training doctors–and I appreciate its value as both a tool and a fun way to play a game or experience an alternate reality.

A good friend just sent me a link about how virtual reality might help deal with my pain. There’s a certain irony there but, hey, it might work! Now, where are those goggles?

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