Want to watch me (potentially) embarrass myself for a good cause?

No, it’s not a dunk tank—which I intend to NEVER subject myself to unless it would deter a national incident of some kind—it’s Madison Reading Project’s READ(Y) To Wear Fashion show on Feb. 10 at the Concourse Hotel.

Participants create and model a garment made out of paper—sort of the local version of Project Runway famous “unconventional materials challenges. 

I’m playing a very small role in designing a garment—local graphic designer extraordinaire Corin Frost is doing the heavy lifting there (thank you Corin!). But I will be subjecting myself to the potential of long-term embarrassment because I’ve offered to be the model. (A big “thank you” to my sister for attempting to help me learn how to “model walk,” although she was completely unsuccessful at helping me avoid bursting into laughter).

Want to experience this for yourself? Get a ticket today! You’ll be helping a great local charity (who doesn’t love to help get books into kids’ hands???) and sharing a memorable (but, hopefully, not too memorable) experience with me! 


Practicing my twirl.

Skirt prototype (my design contribution).

Thank you technology—courtesy of my lovely husband—for enabling production consistency.

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