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Today’s consumer wants information now. And demands a transparent, interactive experience. These sites are great examples of this powerful medium.

WebsiteBackgroundProject Client
The Novo GroupThe Novo Group delivers a new way to hire that improves retention and drives profits.Savage Solutions
NorthShore EnvironmentalTaking care of scary toxins, environmental hazards and more is all in a day's work for Northshore.Savage Solutions
St. Joseph AcademySponsored by the Felician Sisters, this small Catholic school has been meeting the needs of MIlwaukee children since 1907.Savage Solutions
U.S. Electrical ServicesThis recruiting website successfully positions USESI as a leader in technology and innovation.Savage Solutions
Villa St. FrancisThe Villa Promise: to deliver a warm, nurturing environment that protects and cares for your elderly loved one.Savage Solutions

Knowledge junkie. Raconteur.

Vicky Franchino

I love to learn about new things. And I love to tell a good story. Let’s get together and tell yours!

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“Vicky is one of the best writers I’ve worked with. She provides a high quality product on time and is a joy to work with. Vicky is able to take complex financial subjects and turn them into readable prose.”

Jim Jerving, Editorial Director

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